The Life Purpose Project

The Life Purpose Project has a global commitment that the 7+ billion people on our planet fully know his or her Life Purpose and live joyfully each day fulfilling it.


In order to fulfill on the global commitment, we created The Life Purpose Project, an organization where you can transition your personal Purpose to a higher purpose.


The Life Purpose Project is a three-tiered process:

1. Uncover your Life Purpose.

2. Develop for yourself how to implement your Life Purpose in your life, community, county, state, country, and globally.

3. Empower the Life Purpose of others.


Everyone is born with a Purpose, a reason for living at this time, in this place, in this moment. There are an excess of seven billion people whose Life Purpose is waiting to be realized. The realization of every Life Purpose is a transformed planet, and a transformed planet creates unconditional love for self and others, shares the magic of empowered communication, and generates a future worth living.